Best Resources to Learn Data Structures and Algorithms

I will share best Resources to learn data structures and algorithms in this post. Resources will be mostly the videos playlist on Youtube.

I will share the best resources to learn data structures and algorithms in this post.
Resources will be mostly the videos playlist on Youtube, and once you are done with the videos, start solving questions of that topic on leetcode so that you get a clear understanding of that topic.

Table of Contents

Best Resources to Learn Data Structures and Algorithms

  1. Array and Strings
  2. Multidimensional Arrays (2D)
  3. Recursion and Backtracking
  4. Sorting Algorithms
  5. Divide and Conquer (Binary Search and its Applications)
  6. Linked Lists
  7. Stacks and Queues
  8. Binary Trees and Binary Search Trees
  9. Priority Queues and Heaps (Implementation also)
  10. General Trees and Graphs
  11. Dynamic Programming.

Other Concepts:

  1. Hashmap
  2. Bit manipulation
  3. Greedy.
  4. Tries
  5. Number theory (Sieve, Prime factorization, etc.)
  6. String Algorithm (KMP and Z algorithm)
  7. Sliding Window

For theory purposes, refer to courses from Coding Ninjas. (There are plenty of free alternatives also)

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Best resource for data structures and algorithms [Practice]:

  1. Beginners in problem-solving:  Refer to CN Platform Codestudio (For Theory and Beginners Questions)
  2. Intermediate in problem-solving: You can refer to the DSA sheet prepared by Love Babbar (sheet link)(Side by side, you can start giving contests on CP platforms- ATCODER, CODEFORCES, CODECHEF)
  3. You can also practice DSA questions on leetcode. It is an awesome website for practice purposes; you can also follow their study plan.
Resources of Data Structures and Algorithms

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