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Privacy Policy for Coding with Sid

The privacy of all the visitors who comes to our site is the most important task for us. 


This information is collected at this site:


If you are filling contact us page on our site then we collect your name, email address, Phone number (if entered), and your query. Your feedback and query are very important for us to improve, maintain, and expanding on our site.


You are free to share our posts with anyone. You can also print the source code of different programs that are available on this site.

Your opinions about any programs are welcomed in the comment section until it doesn’t violate other users.

Any comments which contain spam link to other sites will not be published to this site.  They will be considered as spam comments


If you subscribe to our newsletter, it will collect your name and email address. You will get mail about the new posts uploaded on this site. 

You can unsubscribe to our newsletter at any time. You have to just click the unsubscribe button below the mail.


Disclaimer for Coding with Sid:

All the contents (posts an pages) available in this site belong to Coding with Sid, except if it is stated wisely.

Siddharth Jha and Vipul khokar are two authors of this website, who provides source code of many programs that are available on this site.   

I try my best to make copyright-free content but If you have any copyright issue with any content i.e. available on this site, I will immediately remove it from this site. You have to just send an email to

Any comments which contain abusive words are not allowed.